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Going have a litter pups off pooled pistol x oak ridge red gal born soon ( full littermate to stahls redman ) call 228-326-8950 for reserving thanks

Re: Pups

Thanks for calls and text as of now she would have to have seventy three pups to cover requests. I and letting limited breeding to pistol so if u have a gyp u would like breed give me heads up because I'm back and forth with my wife taking chemo and he's getting older and in trying to keep him off the blue pill! If u need verification on his running abilities call Brandon Pritchard with triple p or tommy slade who's watched him in open run and bred to him. I've owned oak ridge Ronnie, still have wigs yellar t, wigs pink and raised trained stahls redman , oak ridge yellowman and oak ridge smokey all good hounds each had their own special traits and all produced winning hounds! Pistol is a all around hound speed ,nose ,toughness ,mouth ,the most complete July male I've seen run in a long time! Thanks