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Dogs For Sale!

Selling all my grown dogs got to much going on and they are going to waste.

1 Classy- Hurricane Lucas x Baileyville Runt Whelp Jan 2015
$300 placed in the Southeast Derby

2 Holly - Mud Creek Bones x Parkers Crazy Whelp July 2014 $400

3 Molly - same as number 2

4Heart- Hippys John x Scotts Happy S Whelped Oct 2014
$750 won the southeast derby

5 Lucas- Hurricane Lucas x D.T. Curly Whelp June 2014
Placed in southeast and for 3 to 5 hour one days. $1200

Will package for $2500 this is all the grown dogs I have prices are set. Text 9856879621

Re: Dogs For Sale!

2 and 3 still for sale waiting on pick up for number 1.