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Pack of Six Hounds

I am selling a pack of six good hounds that know how to pack up, run their game and bark with easy-to-pick mouths. Four BWT BB males less than 2 years old. Two females are 31/2 and 4 years old. I raised and trained all these hounds except for one female.I am a night hunter and run one to two times a week. They go when I go.

1)Two littermate males whelped 1/15/15; LE 100211. Nitro Guinea D. X Welch's
Float. Will sell seperately. Good chop mouths.
2)Male whelped 2/23/15; LE 99067. James' Rattler X Don's Becky G. Has a pretty
crowing mouth trailing and on a pickup, chops when running.
3)Male, whelped 4/12/15; LE 100254. AA FCh McMillan's Golden Gun X Don's Rita G
Has a good, steady medium chop mouth.
4)Female, whelped 10/14/12, BWT BB; SFSB 231196. McMillan's Matthew X Sure Shot
Twisted Sister. Very easy mouth to hear.
5)Female, whelped 3/13/13, Red and White saddleback; SFSB 230100. McMillan's
Simon Jr. X McMillan's Lightning. Has a good chop mouth and hollars on a pick

These hounds have plenty of speed and desire to run with any pack. They will run fox and coyote. They have never run outside the wire and have never run deer or hogs. Call me for more information at 318-664-3217 (Pineville, LA).