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Selling Out

After a lot of thinking I have decided to sell all of my dogs I hate to do it but I don't have time or place to run them like they need to be and I don't want them to go to waste all are very good hounds none of them are culls by any means.

Lucky- Red and white w/a rusty back male whelped 12/2/10 this hound and one more of these hounds I am selling is top 5 of the best dogs I've ever owned. He just made 6 years old but still acts like a 2-3 year old has a rough chop mouth knows how to go hunting like he supposed to and can put a red or grey fox, coyote, or deer to running and not play around. I have put him in 2 hunts in his life once in the Illinois St hunt in ellsnoire,Missouri when he was 3-4 he wasn't far out of the top 15 and once last November at the top gun at picayune. He would make anybody a fine stud hound have bred to him and all of his puppies have done amazing. $800

Hot rod- Red and white male 12/17/10 he is the other hound that is the other one I was talking about has one of those mouths you can pick out of 100 head at a campfire running all night long. He just made 6 years old as well but can still handle his own in a pack of hounds as well and his puppy's are doing the same thing will trail jump run his own fox coyote or deer have put him on tracks would make a great stud dog as well $750

Wendy- lemon and white female whelped 12/29/11 has a high pitch squeal mouth above average speed haven't been ran in awhile she has a pup out of hot rod right now has been a very pleasure to own never put her in a hunt trail jump run her own game $600

Lt. Cricket 2- black white and tan brood gyp whelped 7/14/10 placed a lot in North Carolina when she was younger and a pup off of her just won a big hunt over there at the foxtale pen $600

Beckett-red female with white points off of the lucky dog whelped 8/1/14 never put in a trial but needs to be very steppy gyp that can leave a pack of hounds when in shape trail jump run her own game $500

Cherry-red and white female off of the hot rod dog whelped 11/26/13 trail jump run her own game can absolutely roll herself she is a smaller gyp but can make a three day hunt all day long tough as nails with a good mouth hasn't been in a hunt but surely needs to be her sisters have done well $500

Slim Jim- white and lemon male dog off of the hot rod dog whelped 5/6/15 will trail jump and run with an outstanding mouth and a lot of fire to him have not put him in a hunt but his brothers and sisters have done good in them that some friends have $400

I also have a red and white female pup I will sell for $50 I haven't started or sent off for her le I can but it will cost extra

Some breeding consists of Fred hales ghost, top notch red eagle, woods smoking joe, wibs hornet stinger j but that cricket gyp is off of d&s gambler

Two male beagles one old one younger I used to take to train young pups both will pour it on a fox 75 for the old one 125 for the younger fast one

Any further information or pictures you can call/text 228-216-4951