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registered outside hounds

Jp's mandy out of harpers xxl X harpers mandy. She's 10 now and could use her to raise 1 or 2 more litters. I bred her once and she is a good mother and throws nice pups. Quiet in the kennel. She hasn't been ran in a year. Good brew female.
2nd- Joker Is out Fouce's playboy X jp's mandy. He will b 2 later on this year. He has had 1 running season plus 1 hunting season over him. I have 2 young dogs and 1 has to go. This is the better running male. Only reason I'm keeping the other is he is faster and fights harder. This male hunts hard, really good nose, works for a loss like there is no tomorrow. He's collar broke. Ran 2 deer at beginning of season and didn't touch 1 since. He doesn't fight hard but will get a mouthful once they get him down. Could change as his daddy loves stretching them out.
3rd- houndsman deluxe diamond plated dog box. Only used this last season. Can hold 3 in each side but 2 on each side works better. Top storage that is locked. I lost my set of keys and that key was on it. In the top storage there is door covers, tow strap and jumper cables. I didn't want to break the lock. Carpet in top storage is still like brand new. The box is basically brand new with hunting dirt on it.
I'm asking 400 each or 1100 for all. Located in marion indiana 765-251-7008. I'm selling to make room for a litter and I'm not breeding anymore anytime soon. So with that being said I'm not selling them cause I need the money. I'm selling cause I need the room so please don't call trying to low ball me. I think these are already really good prices for registered running dogs and a nice box. Thanks for reading