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Coyote dogs for sale

I have a male bwt blanket backed male pup for sale, average speed, pretty gamey , and showing some fight. Koons Cherokee tim x days black pepper. He'll be a year mid November. $300
Also a 7 year old red and white blanket backed female, above average speed, fights good, deer proof. I've raised pups out of her, she's a good mother. Still run her every week. J3 Mike x Jordan's rain cro. $300
Nothing wrong with either of them, I have 3 pups the same age I like better. And I'm not planning on breeding the gyp anytime soon. I'm pup poor. More info and pics call or text 479-970-9958. Located in London Ar.

Re: Coyote dogs for sale

Female is sold. Male still available.

Re: Coyote dogs for sale

Male is still available

Re: Coyote dogs for sale

Gonna hold onto the male pup for a while, hunted him outside tonight and was impressed.